Avalon Lakes Apartments

Lone Star Title was fortunate to be the title and escrow company of choice for this multifamily apartment complex in Houston. Avalon Lakes Apartments is set to begin construction soon and will be developed by Springstone Residential Partners.

Meet Annaí Escobedo

Lone Star Title is proud to announce that Annaí Escobedo has joined the company as a commercial examiner and legal counsel. Annaí was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. She graduated from Clint High School in 2008. Ms. Escobedo earned the Presidential Excellence Scholarship to attend the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) where she graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy in 2011. While attending UTEP, she was a member and Legal Research Guide to the Law School Preparation Institute.

Ms. Escobedo earned a full tuition scholarship to the University of Iowa College of Law and graduated in 2014. At Iowa Law, she was President of the Latino Law Student Association, Student Writer of the Journal of Transnational Law and Contemporary Problems, Secretary of the Organization of Women Law Students and Staff and a member of the Hispanic National Bar Association. While attending law school, Ms. Escobedo received the Boyd Service Highest Honors Award which is given to students who show a commitment to community service by volunteering 200 hours of community service during their time in law school.

Ms. Escobedo was admitted to the State Bar of Texas in 2015. She practiced commercial real estate law, business entities, complex commercial litigation and probate matters at Blanco Ordoñez Mata & Wechsler, P.C. In her free time Ms. Escobedo likes to travel, play basketball and spend time with family, friends and her pet Chihuahua, Cupcake. Take a moment to stop by our office at 6701 N. Mesa to welcome Annaí!

New Year, Same You?!

The new year offers a great opportunity to rid yourself of bad habits, especially those bad habits that may be putting the kibosh on your sales! A great way to overcome these bad habits, whatever they may be, is to focus on a foundation of success in sales. Build strong relationships, real relationships and serve your customers in a way that no one else can or will. Keep those who support your business coming back and almost more importantly, keep them slinging your name to potential referrals like hotcakes!

Here are a few habits to think about dialing in on in 2019 (Holy shnikies, I can’t believe it’s 2019!)

Speak Less, Listen MORE

As Aaron Burr told Hamilton in Hamilton: The Musical, “talk less….smile more!”
If you want to be more calculated and deliberate about compelling someone to do business with you instead of the other 2300 Realtors in EP, remember that God gave you only one mouth, but TWO ears! There is a reason for this! The art of helping another person starts by making the conversation about the OTHER PERSON, not ourselves. The amount of time talking vs. listening should be proportionate to our ear to mouth ratio! Listen 2X as much as you talk, it will pay dividends. Trust me, I’m a professional…

Add Value, then add more…

When you have an appointment scheduled, do your research. Google or search the person on Facebook. What are their hobbies, what are their interests? Knowing a little about someone will go a long way in growing that relationship genuinely and quickly, leading to sales more often than not. When you can find the need and fill it, you are instantly adding value. This could be as simple as introducing someone to a new restaurant that fits their tastes or as complicated as helping them strategize for long term financial goals using real estate. Either
 way, if you aren’t adding value, you’re just sucking the life out of your “relationship”.

Follow up, follow up, FOLLOW UP!!

As a recovering Realtor, I can tell you that we all fail miserably when it comes to follow up. 90% of all hombuyers/sellers would use the same Realtor again if they could. Less than 20% do. Why? Because following up is hard and Realtors are busy trying to chase the next deal and less concerned about the one they just closed and understandably so. Bills don’t pay themselves! The agents that master the art of f/u KILL IT. The ones that don’t will soon be going back to work at the outlet mall. Selling real estate isn’t easy money, so following up isn’t easy. Also, just a heads up, mastering the lost art of the hand written note will catapult your follow up game. There is always a reason to follow up. Pro Tip: use Lone Star Agent Marketing materials, they’re easy and customizable. Oh, and they add value!
“Saying Hello doesn’t have an ROI. It’s about building relationships.”
-Gary V.
Here is to an amazing 2019!

La Mesa Apartments

Lone Star Title’s commercial team was honored to act as the title company of choice on the closings of this transaction in Q4 2018. La Mesa is tucked away in a quiet residential neighborhood, but still within walking distance of schools, shopping centers, and restaurants. This complex offers apartments that are spacious yet cozy with built-in wood-burning fireplaces, refrigerated air conditioning, covered parking, and washer and dryer included.

7800 Trade Center – Eaton Corporation

Lone Star Title was pleased and thankful to be the provider of title insurance and settlement services for this industrial property acquisition in Northwest El Paso. Ireland-based Eaton Corp., plans to open a design and manufacturing facility in West El Paso at 7800 Trade Center where is will create 200 jobs over several years. Eaton, whose U.S. headquarters is in Cleveland, has 327 manufacturing plants in 42 countries, according to its 2017 annual report. The company makes electrical, hydraulic and automotive parts and systems. It had sales of $20.4 billion in 2017. Its stock trades under the ETN symbol on the New York Stock Exchange.

Aldeia West Apartment Homes

Lone Star Title was again thankful and excited to provide title and escrow services for the Aldeia West Apartments in Houston, Texas.  The complex is conveniently located in Houston with quick and easy access to Interstate 10 and Interstate 610 and is central to the many shopping, dining, and entertainment options that the area has to offer, including Katy Mills Shopping Center and the Energy Corridor District. Aldeia West Apartments is located in the Katy Independent School District and near many area hospitals, including Methodist Hospital and Memorial Hermann Medical Center.

Lone Star Title Promotes Del Hierro to Branch Manager

Lone star title is excited to announce the promotion of Bernie Del Hierro to Branch Manager of our Gateway East operation. There, Bernie and his team will continue to serve as closing office for Desert View Homes as well as capitalize on new strategic growth opportunities in both resale and commercial sales business. Bernie is a native El Pasoan who brings with him a plethora of real estate and financial industry experience. He has a vast background over the past 17 years in both commodity trading and commercial and multi-family real estate and he very much looks forward to serving his past associates as well as continuing to develop new relationships within the El Paso Real Estate Community. Take a moment to stop by our 7910 Gateway East office to welcome Bernie!

The Anatomy of a Real Estate Wire Fraud Email…

Just the other day I received what appeared to be a fraudulent real estate closing email – complete with wire instructions and all!
Because this is not all that uncommon, I immediately recognized it as a wire fraud phishing attempt.
However, as I re-read the email, I began to think about all of the people I know who might mistake this as a legitimate email; especially if they are currently in the process of buying or selling a home or are active real estate agents.
This realization was disheartening, to say the least…
Below you’ll find the both the red and green flags that I found while analyzing the email, and best ways to train your team, staff, partners, buyers and sellers so they don’t become a victim.
Green Flags
At first blush the email appears it could be legitimate. This is especially the case if you deal with similar emails day in and day out for your real estate business, mortgage company, law firm, or if you are in the process of buying to selling real estate.
Industry Lingo
Here are some common industry terms that the sender used that made the email appear legitimate.
  • “CD”
  • “E & O Policy”
  • “chain of title”
  • “Wiring instructions”
  • “Prelim CD”
  • “CPL” or Closing Protection Letter
Other Subtle Details
Besides the industry jargon, the sender did a good job wording the email in a casual but professional way. Below are a few subtle details and phrases that one might see in legitimate emails like this.
  • “Attached is the new contract.”
  • “Contract is enclosed via encrypted secure OUTLOOK365 PDF format.” This type of security is common in the industry.
  • “Realtor” is capitalized.
  • The area code in the phone number matches the city and state that is listed on the address in the signature line
  • The law firm and the logo appear to be legitimate.
As you can see there are many factors working against the recipient of this email.  All the sender needs is for one person to believe the email in order to steal funds.
Red Flags
This email is obviously fraudulent, or at least a mistake at best if you are not buying or selling real estate.
But theoretically let’s say you and your clients do have some real estate transactions pending.
If that is the case, what are some ways you can spot that this is a fraudulent email?
The first subtle clue for me was that I didn’t recognize the person’s name.
So next look at the sender’s job title of “Loan Officer Assistant” and I think maybe this is the assistant of the person who I was working with.
The mention of the “Melbourne Processing” being “cc’d” is a little strange to me because I don’t see any other email addresses copied on the email.
Because I am from the title industry, the huge red flag for me was the mention of a wire transfer followed by all caps: “AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, PLEASE”.
But what if I was a first-time homebuyer? That phrase alone might cause me to take quick action on the email.
It is scary to think that your clients could potentially lose their life savings from an email like this.
A few other subtle red flags-
There are several other subtle red flags that appear as we studied the email critically but might go unnoticed.
One of which is the reference to the PDF attachment. The actual attachment appears to be an HTML, not a PDF.
Next, when we looked at the signature line and who actually sent the email in the headers (To, From, CC, etc.) the email addresses don’t match. The email in the signature appears legitimate but the sender email is very strange.
Often times email clients like Outlook or Gmail don’t show the sender email address by default. They typically only show the person’s name so this one might be difficult for many to catch.
How to recognize a fraudulent email-
The bottom line is that it is important to warn all parties with which you work about the fraudulent emails that have been circulating and the general threats to our industry via wire fraud attempts.
Here is a great video  and instructions that ALTA released recently that you are welcome to share or post to your website to help educate the people you work with.
To make this easier for you Lone Star Title condensed this article into a PDF summary of a wire fraud warnings and how to protect yourself.
View and download it here and share it with your staff, buyers, sellers, Realtors, Lenders, and other partners!
Lone Star Title is working tirelessly to be sure that our entire company and our customers are well educated and aware of the threats to our industry. Together, we can keep your transactions safe & secure and get them to the closing table successfully!
Note: The preceding is for educational purposes only. We are not law enforcement or lawyers and this is not legal advice. You should always consult with law enforcement, your legal counsel, insurance providers, and respective underwriters to make sure you adhere to the policies they have set forth related to wire fraud emails. (Informational Source: titletap)

El Paso Suburu

Lone Star Title was excited and blessed to provide title services for the sale of the El Paso Suburu dealership at 1414 Airway. This acquisition was part of Group 1 Auto’s continued foray in to the El Paso Market and coincided with their acquisition of Audi of El Paso as well as the continued progress on their upcoming Northwest El Paso Porsche dealership.  According to The El Paso Times, Pete DeLongchamps, a Group 1 executive in Houston said, ‘We’re very bullish on the El Paso market,’. ‘We think it’s a growing town, a growing market. ‘It’s a very consistent market,’ he said.  Auto 1 operates 117 car dealerships in the United States, 42 in the United Kingdom, and 16 in Brazil. PHOTO: VIC KOLENC/EL PASO TIMES

El Paso Audi

Lone Star Title was pleased and thankful to provide title services for the sale of the El Paso Audi dealership at 1444 Airway. This acquisition was part of Group 1 Auto’s continued foray in to the El Paso Market and coincided with their acquisition of Suburu of El Paso as well as the continued progress on their upcoming Northwest El Paso Porsche dealership.   PHOTO: VIC KOLENC/EL PASO TIMES