Lone Star Tech Talk


In today’s fast paced real estate market, technology is an integral part

of any successful REALTOR’S® arsenal of tools.  

This is the place to stay armed and ready for anything the market may throw at you!


Genius Scan

If you’ve ever been out in the field and desperately needed to be able to create a PDF of a contract, addendum, pre-approval or any other image or document, this is the app for you!  Easily snap a photo, crop, convert to .pdf and email, text or upload it on the go!  It doesn’t get much easier than this.

LoneStarAgentLone Star Agent

Lone Star Agent gives you the ability to run quick, easy, and accurate net sheets and move-in estimates for your buyers and sellers. LSA delivers the ability to answer questions that often come up while listing or shopping for a home. What would my payment be? How much are my closing costs going to be? What will I walk away with if I sell at this price? All customized for our area and all in the palm of your hand! This is a tool that LST is proud to offer our partners!

am open houseAM Open House AM Open House is simply-put an open house management platform designed to make the whole experience more efficient for both agents AND buyers. It can be dowloaded both from the Apple App store and Google play. You can easily use the app to create digital sign in sheets, seller reports, one touch- follow up emails  and it all integrates quite well with many CRM’s. Another cool feature is that it is completely customizable with your logos and color scheme.
  videolicious Videolicious The leading real estate franchises use Videolicious to empower
hundreds of thousands of agents to create video – and grow their
business in the digital age. Whether you are creating quick property tours or simply want to tell your story, it is quick, easy and mobile with Videolicious.    
  unnamedCamCard Using the camera on your phone you simply snap a pic of any business card and it will be saved as a new contact in your phone! Toss the cards but keep the info!      
PostablePostable Postable provides really nice cards, allows you to customize them online, and then mails them for you. A very quick and east way to send professional, customized cards to your clients and team!    
37a30e36d8f9fb69d4cbec9a1185a88c_400x400 GoConnect This checklist app will help you manage all of your clients where they are in the buying or selling cycle.No need to remember where you left off, you can access the information right from your mobile phone or tablet.    
SavvyCard logoSavvyCard If you’re really bad about forgetting to stock your pockets, purse or wallet with business cards then this may be the perfect app for you.  SavvyCard is a quick and easy way to create a electronic business card that is easily sharable via link, text, social media and a handful of other means! You can easily use this app to create individual sites for properties as well.      
  Logo-BombBomb-StripeBombBomb BombBomb is a quick way to create simple videos that get you face to face with your customers, clients and prospective clients.  Research shows that both response and open rates are dramatically higher for vide vs. standard email.  We’ve been using this program for well over a year now and have had lots of success with it.  Customizable and pre-made templates really add a nice touch.  It is very easy to record and send video email from Gmail, mobile, or web. You can also try it free!
  crystal knowsCrystal Knows Get access to millions of personality profiles and learn the best way to communicate with your coworkers, prospects, and customers.  This program allows you to “know” the people you are about to call for the first time before you have ever even met them.    

room scan proRoomScan Pro

This app is a great way to create semi-professional looking floor plans by simply touching your cell phone to the walls in a room. Doors can be added by placing you phone on the door jambs.  You can easily email the drawings straight from your phone moments after creating the plan.  For $4.99, this app is worth the price.