ADP Office Campus

Opening in October of 2015, this 150,000 square foot office complex is the latest in development to El Paso’s Northwest business park. At $42 million, this building represents the confidence that ADP has in the El Paso market, where they expect to have 2,200 full-time employees and be a hub for training and education for their company.

Later, Later

Later, Later is a neighborhood public house located steps from Southwest University Ball Park, the Union Depot district and many other entertainment venues in the heart of downtown El Paso.

The Fountains at Farah

The Fountains at Farah is a regional lifestyle-shopping venue offering fresh, name-brand boutiques in addition to on-trend and mid-range department stores. The center features a refreshing open-air atmosphere with numerous cascading water displays, entertainment venues, patio dining, and covered parking.

Selling more homes using Facebook reviews and ratings….It’s easier than you think!

When was the last time you made a purchase online on or some other retailer without looking at the star rating or reading a review? I can’t remember either.
A recent article was talking about some similar services to Yelp and TripAdvisor but for real estate pros. It got me thinking about how Realtors could be using Facebook’s built in Ratings and Reviews to help drive more leads.
Facebook’s system works similarly to what you would expect but give you a couple of advantages.
First, unlike most other review systems, with Facebook you can actually request for reviews to be removed. For example, there are always people who are unfair, rude, offensive, untruthful or just plain don’t like you.  For these reviews, you can request that Facebook remove them. Often times they will, especially for the first 4 reasons I mentioned in the list above.
The second advantage you get is for any other bad or mediocre reviews you might receive, Facebook actually allows you to comment back to the person. This is a great tool for not only making an effort to remedy a true issue, but also to show potential customers that you actually take pride in what you do and will be responsive even in tough times.
That said, don’t strive for perfection. Strive for honesty. If you have a mediocre or even negative review every once in a while, it makes you human and relate-able. Life isn’t perfect and neither are you. We once had a review on our FB page that was quite negative, but I replied to it offering to do whatever it took to get to the bottom of the gentleman’s accusation with my personal cell number and email. I reached out to him personally as well and he didn’t respond to any of this. And ALL of this was public, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. All it did was make the accuser look like he was a guy with an axe to grind and no real issue.
I win.
It is not whether or not you ever make any mistakes that determine the course of your career. It is how you handle those mistakes that makes all the difference.
Imagine how many more people you could help find a home if you have 25 positive reviews and the other Realtors in EP have none.  Luckily for us, we strive to please and have almost exclusively positive reviews. 🙂
Social proof sells.
Until next time,
Sam T.

ArtSpace Lofts

The Artspace El Paso Lofts blends 51 affordable live/ work units for artists and their families with 5,000 square feet of multi-purpose nonprofit commercial space. A large community room on the ground floor will provide space for artists and community groups for meetings, events, exhibitions and performances and although the transformation of this site begins with a beautiful new building, the real and lasting change will be the energy and vitality that artists bring to downtown El Paso.