Our Top Inman Connect 2016 Take-A-Ways

Sometimes the truth hurts, so do some soul searching and decide what it is you are looking to accomplish with your real estate career.
Be consistent-
If you’re going to claim that you are the go-to technology guru (or whatever the case may be), use technology! Don’t just slap a couple quick videos together, smother Facebook and YouTube with them all at once, then do it again 6 months later. Be consistent and take the time to make yourself the true expert in whatever it is you claim to be your niche.
Brands are built from the inside out, determine what core values and overall value you’re going to use to stake your claim and stick to it.
“You want people to hire you for your ability to see what is possible.”
-Seth Godin
Be Remarkable-
Don’t settle for being a run of the mill, ordinary agent, be AWESOME at what you do. Be excited about it. After all, people like to do business, hang out with and generally be around awesome people.
“Be remarkable.  A purple cow is remarkable…something people will talk about. Be a purple cow.”
-Seth Godin
Tech should be used to bring you closer to clients and potential clients, making you both feel more personally connected to each other. That is the basic foundation for a long lasting business relationship rather than a one time, quickie, thanks we’re done-deal. If you’re using technology to hide behind a screen, stop.
Choosing a brokerage-
Choosing a brokerage has all to often become something that is based on fees. Base your choice on experience and that warm fuzy feeling. Feeling like you saved a buck doesn’t make you more successful but feeling positive and like you’re a part of a community does.
Lets Get Uncomfortable-
If something makes you uncomfortable, it is probably a good thing. If you’re feeling extra cozy with what you’re doing, it’s probably time to change things up. The goal is to grow, as a person and as a Realtor.  If you aren’t growing, your business isn’t either.
I could go on for another hour but let’s reconvene next week. Until then, make it an awesome weekend and do me a favor, 
be remarkable!
Sam T.

Understanding Your Loan: Additional Information Can Be Important

Page 4 of your Closing Disclosure is important. It is NOT just standardized form information that is identical for every loan. Review these terms:
  • Assumption: can this loan be transferred to another person if you sell or transfer the property?
  • Demand: can the lender require early repayment of the loan?
  • Late Payments: what penalty, after what period, applies?
  • Negative Amortization: does this loan schedule or allow payments that do NOT fully cover the interest due, resulting in increased loan principal?
  • Partial Payments: what is THIS lender’s policy?
You should also review Escrow Account details to understand whether you will pay additional property costs via regular Escrow Account payments or handle them yourself directly.